1984 (written as MCMLXXXIV on the album's front cover) is the sixth studio album by Van Halen. It remains Van Halen's most successful album in terms of sales, with 10 million copies shipped in the U.S. alone, and U.S. chart performance. 1984 reached number two on the Billboard 200 album chart and remained there for five weeks, behind Michael Jackson's Thriller. It produced several memorable singles, including "Jump", which reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, the top 13 hits "Panama" and "I'll Wait", and the MTV sensation "Hot for Teacher". 1984 was the last, full-length Van Halen album to feature the David Lee Roth until 2012 with A Different Kind of Truth.


(All music written by Edward Van Halen and lyrics by David Lee Roth).

Side OneEdit

  1. 1984 - 1:07
  2. Jump - 4:04
  3. Panama - 3:32
  4. Top Jimmy - 2:59
  5. Drop Dead Legs - 4:14

Side TwoEdit

  1. Hot for Teacher - 4:42
  2. I'll Wait - 4:41
  3. Girl Gone Bad - 4:35
  4. House of Pain - 3:19


Van Halen

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