Every Open Eye is the second studio album by Chvrches, released on 25 September 2015 through Virgin EMI Records and Goodbye Records.

Track listingEdit

All songs written and composed by Chvrches. 
Standard edition
No. Title Length
1. "Never Ending Circles"   3:08
2. "Leave a Trace"   3:57
3. "Keep You on My Side"   4:26
4. "Make Them Gold"   3:52
5. "Clearest Blue"   3:54
6. "High Enough to Carry You Over"   3:39
7. "Empty Threat"   4:04
8. "Down Side of Me"   5:11
9. "Playing Dead"   3:36
10. "Bury It"   3:09
11. "Afterglow"   3:14
Total length:

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