Cosmo is the debut solo album by Doug Clifford. The album, issued shortly after the band's breakup the same year, is currently out of print.

Track listingEdit

(All songs written by Doug Clifford, except where noted).

  1. Latin Music - 3:11
  2. Regret It (For the Rest of Your Life) - 2:23
  3. Guitars, Drums, and Girls - 2:07
  4. I'm a Man (Spencer Davis, Jimmy Miller, Steve Winwood) - 2:25
  5. She's About a Mover (Doug Sahm) - 2:27
  6. I Just Want to Cry - 2:48
  7. Get Your Raise - 2:31
  8. Daydream (John Sebastian) - 2:10
  9. Take a Train - 2:06
  10. Death Machine - 2:23
  11. Swingin' in a Hammock - 2:52

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