Disraeli Gears is the 2nd studio album from Cream. It was re-released in 2004 as a 2 disc "Deluxe Edition".

Original Album Tracklist Edit

​Side OneEdit

  1. Strange Brew   (Eric Clapton, Felix Pappalardi, Gail Collins)
  2. Sushine of Your Love   (Jack Bruce, Pete Brown, Clapton)
  3. World of Pain   (Pappalardi, Collins)
  4. Dance the Night Away   (Bruce, Brown)
  5. Blue Condition   (Ginger Baker)

​Side TwoEdit

  1. Tales of Brave Ulysses   (Clapton, Martin Sharp)
  2. SWLABR   (Bruce, Brown)
  3. We're Going Wrong   (Bruce)
  4. Outside Woman Blues   (Arthur Reynolds)
  5. Take It Back   (Bruce, Brown)
  6. Mother's Lament   (Traditional)

Audio Edit

FULL ALBUM CREAM - "Disraeli Gears"33:49

FULL ALBUM CREAM - "Disraeli Gears"

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