Jefferson Airplane Takes Off is the debut album by Jefferson Airplane, released in August 1966 as RCA. The personnel differ from the later "classic" lineup and the music is more folk-rock than the harder psychedelic sound for which the band later became famous. Signe Toly Anderson and Skip Spence were replaced by Grace Slick and Spencer Dryden.

Track listingEdit

Side OneEdit

  1. Blues from an Airplane (Marty Balin & Skip Spence) - 2:10
  2. Let Me In (Balin & Paul Kantner) - 2:55
  3. Bringing Me Down (Balin & Kantner) - 2:22
  4. It's No Secret (Balin) - 2:37
  5. Tobacco Road (Clay Warnick) - 3:26

Side TwoEdit

  1. Come Up the Years (Balin & Kantner) - 2:30
  2. Run Around (Balin & Kantner) - 2:35
  3. Let's Get Together (Chester Powers) - 3:32
  4. Don't Slip Away (Balin & Spence) - 2:31
  5. Chauffeur Blues (Lester Melrose) - 2:25
  6. And I Like It (Balin & Jorma Kaukonen) 3:16

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