Mystery Girl is the last album recorded by Roy Orbison, posthumously released on the Virgin label in 1989. The album became a hit worldwide, reaching #5 on the US Billboard 200, and #2 on the UK Albums Chart.

Track listingEdit

  1. You Got It (Roy Orbison, Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty)
  2. In the Real World (Richard Kerr, Will Jennings) - 3:44
  3. (All I Can Do Is) Dream You (Billy Burnette, David Malloy) - 3:39
  4. A Love So Beautiful (Roy Orbison, Jeff Lynne) - 3:33
  5. California Blue (Roy Orbison, Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty) - 3:57

Side TwoEdit

  1. She's a Mystery to Me (Bono, The Edge) - 4:16
  2. The Comedians (Elvis Costello) - 3:26
  3. The Only One" (Wesley Orbison, Craig Wiseman) - 3:55
  4. Windsurfer (Roy Orbison, Bill Dees) - 4:01
  5. Careless Heart (Roy Orbison, Diane Warren, Albert Hammond) - 4:08

Bonus Track (2007 Reissue)Edit

  • You May Feel Me Crying (Richard Kerr, Will Jennings) - 4:14

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