Pop Psychology is the third studio album by Neon Trees.

Track listingEdit

(All songs written and composed by Tyler Glenn and Tim Pagnotta, except where noted).

  1. Love in the 21st Century - 3:25
  2. Text Me in the Morning - 3:05
  3. Sleeping with a Friend - 3:48
  4. Teenager In Love - 3:17
  5. I Love You (But I Hate Your Friends) - 3:16
  6. Unavoidable (Glenn, Branden Campbell, Christopher Allen, Elaine Bradley) - 3:57
  7. Voices in the Halls - 2:59
  8. Foolish Behavior - 3:51
  9. Living In Another World (Glenn, Campbell, Allen, Bradley) - 3:42
  10. First Things First (Glenn) - 5:06


Neon Trees
Start a Fire, Habits, Picture Show, Pop Psychology

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