Recess is the first studio album by Skrillex, released on March 14, 2014 via OWSLA, Big Beat Records, and Atlantic Records.

Track listingEdit

  1. All Is Fair in Love and Brostep (featuring Ragga Twins) - 4:08
  2. Recess (with Kill the Noise featuring Fatman Scoop and Michael Angelakos) - 3:57
  3. Stranger (with KillaGraham featuring Sam Dew) - 4:49
  4. Try It Out (with Alvin Risk) (Neon Mix) - 3:49
  5. Coast Is Clear (featuring Chance the Rapper and The Social Experiment) - 4:03
  6. Dirty Vibe (with Diplo featuring G-Dragon and CL) - 3:26
  7. Ragga Bomb (featuring Ragga Twins) - 4:18
  8. Doompy Poomp - 3:25
  9. Fuck That - 3:50
  10. Ease My Mind (featuring Niki and the Dove) - 5:02
  11. Fire Away (featuring Kid Harpoon) - 5:42

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