Sonic Firestorm is the second studio album by English power metal band DragonForce, released through Noise Records on 11 May 2004.

This album features the song, "Soldiers of the Wasteland", which includes the longest guitar solo section on any of their songs. At 9 minutes and 47 seconds, this is also DragonForce's longest song.

Track Listing

  1. My Spirit Will Go On - 7:54
  2. Fury of the Storm - 6:47
  3. Fields of Despair - 5:25
  4. Dawn Over a New World - 5:13
  5. Above the Winter Moonlight - 7:31
  6. Soldiers of the Wasteland - 9:47
  7. Prepare for a War - 6:15
  8. Once in a Lifetime - 7:46
  9. Cry of the Brave - 5:45

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