Steel Wheels is The Rolling Stones' nineteenth album to be released in the UK and twenty-first album to be released in the US. It was released on August 29, 1989, on Rolling Stones Records.


  1. Sad Sad Sad - 3:35
  2. Mixed Emotions - 4:39
  3. Terrifying - 4:53
  4. Hold On to Your Hat - 3:32
  5. Hearts for Sale - 4:40
  6. Blinded by Love - 4:37
  7. Rock and a Hard Place - 5:25
  8. Can't Be Seen - 4:10
  9. Almost Hear You Sigh - 4:37
  10. Continental Drift - 5:14 
  11. Break the Spell - 3:07 
  12. Slipping Away - 4:30 

All songs written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, except Almost Hear You Sigh, on which Steve Jordan received a partial credit.

Audio Edit

Steel Wheels (Full Album) by Rolling Stones53:04

Steel Wheels (Full Album) by Rolling Stones

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