Third Stage is the third album by Boston released September 23, 1986 on MCA Records. It was recorded at Tom Scholz's Hideaway Studio over a six-year period "...between floods and power failures".

Track listedEdit

  1. Amanda (Tom Scholz) - 4:16
  2. We're Ready (Scholz) - 3:58
  3. The Launch:
  • a. Countdown
  • b. Ignition
  • c. Third Stage Separation (Scholz) - 2:55
  1. Cool the Engines (Scholz, Brad Delp, Fran Sheehan) - 4:23
  2. My Destination (Scholz) - 2:19
  3. A New World" (Instrumental) (Jim Masdea) - 0:36
  4. To Be a Man (Scholz) - 3:30
  5. I Think I Like It (Scholz & John English) - 4:06
  6. Can'tcha Say (You Believe in Me)/Still in Love (Scholz & Delp) - 5:13
  7. Hollyann (Scholz) - 5:11


Boston, Don't Look Back, Third Stage, Walk On, Greatest Hits, Corporate America, Life, Love & Help

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