Walk On is the fourth studio album by Boston.

Track listingEdit

  1. I Need Your Love (Tom Scholz & Fred Sampson) - 5:33
  2. Surrender to Me (Tom Scholz, David Sikes, Bobby Laquidara) - 5:34
  3. Livin' for You (Tom Scholz) - 4:58
  4. Walkin' at Night (Instrumental) (Tom Scholz) - 2:02
  5. Walk On (Tom Scholz, Brad Delp, David Sikes) - 2:58
  6. Get Organ-ized/Get Reorgan-ized (Instrumental) (Tom Scholz) - 4:28
  7. Walk On (Some More) (Tom Scholz, Brad Delp, David Sikes) - 2:55
  8. What's Your Name (Tom Scholz) - 4:28
  9. Magdalene (Tom Scholz, David Sikes, Galen "Rusty" Foulke) - 5:58
  10. We Can Make It (Tom Scholz, David Sikes, Bob Cedro) - 5:30


Boston, Don't Look Back, Third Stage, Walk On, Greatest Hits, Corporate America, Life, Love & Help

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